Extreme 1:1 City Hide and Seek!

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We play hide and seek in Minecraft. In a big city. It took hours.
Check out Pippen's 200 hour Seattle timelapse video!
Shoutout to Build the Earth for making this amazing 1:1 map!
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  1. somegreatguy
    10 시간 전

    This is Minneapolis in Minecraft.

  2. Angel
    11 시간 전


  3. Louis Hernandez
    Louis Hernandez
    11 시간 전

    Chris: ENEMY AC 130!!!!!!! MrBeast: I didn't see anybody die, but the player count went down by three😂

  4. M
    11 시간 전

    4:51 chandler was making fun at gorge floed 😡?

  5. Isiah Johnson
    Isiah Johnson
    11 시간 전

    Why he destroy work

  6. Emmy Hopper
    Emmy Hopper
    11 시간 전


  7. Joseph LETEXIER
    Joseph LETEXIER
    12 시간 전

    They destroyed my house :( lol

  8. R SB
    R SB
    12 시간 전

    You mean concreate powder Chris

  9. Maria athena Andig
    Maria athena Andig
    12 시간 전

    Jimmy and Chris finding person in the city while Chandler and Carl playing around hahahhaha😂🤣😹😂🤣🥰

  10. ZERO
    13 시간 전

    Chandler is dumb and weird af

  11. Yeet Mcteet
    Yeet Mcteet
    13 시간 전

    Chris and mrbeast : Chandler and Karl:DO U WANT THIS MEET ALL ACROOS UR FACE?

  12. Calgary_ Developer
    Calgary_ Developer
    13 시간 전

    8:13 Chris calls it Rally.

  13. United-Killer-Roblox
    13 시간 전

    jimmy be triggiring chris tho :O 1:44

  14. Peyton Joncich
    Peyton Joncich
    13 시간 전

    Lemme walk to Raleigh real quick and check if the map is accurate

  15. Nature Wing
    Nature Wing
    14 시간 전

    How do I get in your server

  16. dragonfire10705
    14 시간 전

    3:34 AYO

  17. Axel
    15 시간 전

    Hey beast, do the queen city of Charlotte next, I feel like there are bigger buildings and more places to hide in it.

  18. Toa Liuanga Aulika
    Toa Liuanga Aulika
    16 시간 전


  19. ImSKATER. exe
    ImSKATER. exe
    16 시간 전

    4:51 "i can't breathe" chandler 2020

  20. Denise Debono
    Denise Debono
    16 시간 전

    Please tell me you have the world backed up or a replica......cause they worked hard on it and you didnt even see that each floor has its own design😪

  21. Cookie Cake
    Cookie Cake
    17 시간 전

    Karl's head phones are green and black and you could see through the green bit! 🤣

  22. Fake Ruds
    Fake Ruds
    18 시간 전

    Vid 15 of liking and commenting on mr.beasts. Video until he gives me any amount of the moneys

  23. ꧁ṡȗṅ ғʟѧҡє꧂
    ꧁ṡȗṅ ғʟѧҡє꧂
    18 시간 전

    I feel bad how all the buildings that too so long to build get blown up

  24. Baggerfan 03
    Baggerfan 03
    18 시간 전

    15.600th Comment

  25. LoopyLooop
    18 시간 전

    I love seeing mr beast Chris Chandler and Karl happy 😊

  26. Mackenzie Murray
    Mackenzie Murray
    19 시간 전

    am i the only one that was super happy when the guy that actually won got the ten grand?

  27. Yanesha Aguilar
    Yanesha Aguilar
    19 시간 전

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  28. Theresa is Best Waifu
    Theresa is Best Waifu
    20 시간 전

    Damn that last guy was 200 iq using his skin as camo

  29. Abbi ll
    Abbi ll
    20 시간 전

    Hoped he saved the world before he destroyed it

  30. TyreBuxCant YT
    TyreBuxCant YT
    21 시간 전

    cHrIs SaId: I wIlL ObLiBeRaTe It AlL

  31. Gloria Guevara
    Gloria Guevara
    21 시간 전

    U mean pika fails?

  32. TyreBuxCant YT
    TyreBuxCant YT
    21 시간 전

    where is he announcing the game times now? I never saw it on gaming discord...

  33. Gloria Guevara
    Gloria Guevara
    21 시간 전

    When mr beast said your not stuck your chris I laughed alot XDDDD

  34. CYRuS
    22 시간 전

    chris is like in a noob like dad phase where he's honing his skills to make embarrassing dad jokes

  35. The Black Hand
    The Black Hand
    22 시간 전

    i think the guy at 9:53 has an attack on titan skin

  36. grace estrada
    grace estrada
    22 시간 전


  37. K- Gaming
    K- Gaming
    23 시간 전

    10:41 no comment

  38. RishilPro _
    RishilPro _
    23 시간 전

    Petition for Mr Beast to start a Minecraft Survival Series.

  39. Yoshi Toons
    Yoshi Toons
    일 전

    Chandler is my favorite

  40. Kyle Irwin
    Kyle Irwin
    일 전

    They just made a copy of the city and put it somewhere else, they wouldn’t destroy the city

  41. Chris Chamberlain
    Chris Chamberlain
    일 전

    Chandler, awkward choice of words

  42. AddiSmith528
    일 전

    Am i the only one that’s noticed that there have been no FEMALE Minecrafters that have won on the gaming channel?

  43. Ashley Z
    Ashley Z
    일 전

    Lol does anyone not care about the fact that he just destroyed a whole entire city that took days to build and they don’t even care xD

  44. Will Serong
    Will Serong
    일 전

    Thats thumbnail tho

  45. Aceiinaut
    일 전

    I hope they made a backup

  46. ali sa
    ali sa
    일 전

    Dear Mr.Beast I'm a Lebanese living abroad for studies (doing fine but not great) If you're up to the news, there's a economic(corruption),health(Covid19),political(corruption) crises. And August 4th a giant explosion of chemical substances (3rd biggest in the world after Heroshima and Nagasaki) at our port caused so much damage to us. And since you're a person with influence (social and financial) I would love if you share our status or promote through your platform for donations Thank you Pray for Lebanon

    1. ali sa
      ali sa
      일 전

      Would love any kind of support for the Lebanese people (or even me)

  47. Roi Boi
    Roi Boi
    일 전


  48. Noah Jazz
    Noah Jazz
    일 전

    Love the vids

  49. The Tiger Squad
    The Tiger Squad
    일 전

    So who is more richer? Bill gates or Mrbeast? 😂🤔

  50. Christina Belmares
    Christina Belmares
    일 전

    What about another boat challenge soon? 🙂 That could be a safe beast gang challenge or kayaking races?

  51. Luigi NES 64
    Luigi NES 64
    일 전

    5:48: That Scream tho...

  52. CoolKai100
    일 전

    Mr.Beast you could have just made a duplicate of the world and then destroy it instead of destroying it and not being able to get it back.

  53. Rahima Begum
    Rahima Begum
    일 전

    MrBeast&Chris: trying to find everyone and destroying buildings Chandler&Karl: Having the time of there life and doing cpr |Instantly die| AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  54. Hannah Cahill
    Hannah Cahill
    일 전

    First hi

  55. Luckylaurelever
    일 전

    Hi mr beast

  56. LeBron Tongue
    LeBron Tongue
    일 전

    4:54 lmfao

  57. Edward is cool Gaming
    Edward is cool Gaming
    일 전

    How do i join you in discord mrbeast

  58. JessTheGem
    일 전

    I love when Karl gets scared it’s cute 😂💗

  59. exsitment Animal Life
    exsitment Animal Life
    일 전

    Mr beast I would LOVE to be in a video I love to play Minecraft and love to watch Mr beast gaming

  60. Nejen TSG
    Nejen TSG
    일 전

    i like how from 1:51 to 2:44 it went from 100 to 83 and we didn't see anyone die