DaBaby - Gucci Peacoat (Official Video)

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Directed By: Gemini Vision (@Gemini.one1)
Song Produced By: K.I.D (@iamdjkid)



  1. abbsnn cose
    abbsnn cose
    5 시간 전

    لاتحتك بس 😂😂😂😂♥️

  2. Alassane Diomande
    Alassane Diomande
    8 시간 전

    Toujours fort dababy ton Fan depuis la côte d'ivoire

  3. Jess Hall
    Jess Hall
    10 시간 전


  4. Sean Caldwell
    Sean Caldwell
    10 시간 전

    dababy can you rap wit me?

  5. Jwala The Rapper
    Jwala The Rapper
    11 시간 전

    Dababy rockstar indian version kopulse.info/video/x4WjhG2AmIKz0JM.html

    1. abbsnn cose
      abbsnn cose
      5 시간 전

      Loving it♥️🥺

  6. Danny Viteri
    Danny Viteri
    11 시간 전

    0:26 you can hear his voice start getting mad strong and more aggressive like he almost busted down in tears😔🙏

  7. Aiden Bentley
    Aiden Bentley
    12 시간 전

    Dababy, this just 4 u. We lost too many ppl this year we lost so many ppl u were probably close to emotionally. I just wanted to give my take on this. I understand the loss of close family members because I experienced this type shit. I lost many close family members in my 14 years of life. I starting to believe Imma lose my 2nd brother to suicide. I lost my 1st brother to a drug overdose. We lost too many legends this year. You lost your own legend sometime in the recent past. Long Live G. We gotta protect you from what comes next. We don’t want u to suffer mentally from this.

  8. Zj Famus
    Zj Famus
    13 시간 전

    Dope music💥💥💥🚀

  9. aaron romero
    aaron romero
    14 시간 전

    Sorry for your loss

    14 시간 전

    Before you did that I woulda killed 100

  11. Billionaire Barbie
    Billionaire Barbie
    16 시간 전

    So sorry for your loss this is real mental health is real get help

  12. Halle Underwood
    Halle Underwood
    16 시간 전

    Literally cry every time I listen to this song 😭 long live g

  13. Dub itdown
    Dub itdown
    16 시간 전

    New music on my page today

  14. superbear
    17 시간 전

    why his arm going through the car

  15. Boosted Kid
    Boosted Kid
    18 시간 전

    Sorry for crying but I honestly love you all. Thank you for this song and insight. I love you.

  16. Dallyn Cool channel
    Dallyn Cool channel
    18 시간 전

    I’m so sad

    19 시간 전

    kopulse.info/video/rKqOhp2LjoO1y8o.html tank you 🔥🔥 Dababy

  18. Jacob Alverto
    Jacob Alverto
    19 시간 전

    Man fuck whoever disliked this video. Long live G

  19. PANDORA4X 4X
    19 시간 전

    Loving it♥️🥺

  20. Autumn Chacon
    Autumn Chacon
    20 시간 전

    lately i've been in my feels like a hoe

  21. ᔕᗩᗰᑌᗴᒪ
    20 시간 전

    song so hard

  22. Sebastian Coates
    Sebastian Coates
    22 시간 전

    Is baby fallin off??? Wtf how this only goat 4mill in 2 weeks

  23. Keela King
    Keela King
    22 시간 전

    You can hear the pain in his voicr😭😭 R.I.P G

  24. Josh Constable
    Josh Constable
    22 시간 전

    This is a goat

  25. Bella Billups
    Bella Billups
    22 시간 전

    Damn baby I can feel the pain in this song but I fuckin love it. Rest in piece to your big bro. No more pain on his head. Atleast you can take care of his youngsters and give them what they need to be the best they can be. GOD BLESS YOU AND G MAY GOD REST HIS SOUL HOME BOY

  26. lil thug
    lil thug
    22 시간 전

    rip your bother damn

  27. Gary Johnson
    Gary Johnson
    23 시간 전

    This song hit hard,deep in my feelings, lost my big bro too, found him,same thing he killed himself, 2011,2016 found my dad too,he was a drunk,found him too,died from drinking, shit so hard!

  28. Mama Bear Kay
    Mama Bear Kay
    23 시간 전

    In tears🥺😭

  29. lil camo 247
    lil camo 247
    23 시간 전

    the best

  30. bilinas mini
    bilinas mini
    23 시간 전

    The 3K people who disliked this don't understand death

  31. chad moore
    chad moore
    23 시간 전

    llg long live g f all haters

  32. Leon Jaszczyk
    Leon Jaszczyk
    일 전


    1. bilinas mini
      bilinas mini
      23 시간 전


  33. Ryan Murray
    Ryan Murray
    일 전

    That’s pretty shitty karma for voting for Biden

  34. NoScopeQueen001
    일 전

    azkakaksnddked.....Lordddd can i speak tha fast😂😂💙❤️🥺🔥🔥🔥🔥

  35. Jacey Nelson
    Jacey Nelson
    일 전


  36. Asaun King
    Asaun King
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  37. Am Music
    Am Music
    일 전

    It's something very hard,,, everyday I say Jesus why he take my Bro,, am not the same, I dnt want nothing, lost my dad and now my little bro.. I hve do everything to save you bro.. But god decide to take you and to stop your pain... Love u 4ever man..

  38. Nomthandazo Brandon Muyambo
    Nomthandazo Brandon Muyambo
    일 전

    Dnt knw whts wrong with thoz tht disliked this song

  39. Zih Smith
    Zih Smith
    일 전

    Lord.... Baby ☠️💋 family#1💓🙏 RLS #MOP.........my soul OUR PEOPLE Lord he was so tiered love ur PEOPLE PERIOD

  40. Anglitu TechTM
    Anglitu TechTM
    일 전

    Sorry to bother you, if you've ever thought about getting your Instagram or Twitter account verified. Please send a dm to @ mr_poster07 on Instagram. Congratulations in advance. He verified my account @anglitu3

  41. J E N A L I
    J E N A L I
    일 전

    Hi guys .. I'm a biggener music producer & i will be so happy if you guys watched my first beat I've been uploaded & give me your opinion .. Thanks for your time ♥️♥️

  42. Tony Lesser
    Tony Lesser
    일 전

    Buried in a gold casket. Savage. But like they say, " the dead receive more flowers than the living, because regret is stronger than gratitude.

  43. Daniella Garcia
    Daniella Garcia
    일 전

    This video straight had me in tears.. definitely one of the most realist songs I’ve heard in a min.. definitely hit the heart hard... especially with all this craziness in the world going on right now it just really makes you think twice about taking anything or anybody in your life for granted cause you just never know.. Rest in paradise Glenn 🙌🏼 Long live a G ✨🎭 Good shit DaBaby this song is definitely on repeat. Sending prayers and condolences to you and your family. ❤️💕✨

  44. nicholas hlatshwayo
    nicholas hlatshwayo
    일 전

    rip G

  45. M W
    M W
    일 전

    kopulse.info/list-PLGroGCW4d44ezRwHA1_EbqmWEG8KsviFe.html And he said unto Avram, Know of a surety that your seed shall be a stranger in a land that is not theirs, and shall serve them; and they shall afflict them four hundred years; BERE'SHIYTH (GENESIS) 15:13 את CEPHER And also that nation, whom they shall serve, will I judge: and afterward shall they come out with great substance. BERE'SHIYTH (GENESIS) 15:14 את CEPHER Sas

  46. Yhazmine Caldwell
    Yhazmine Caldwell
    일 전

    This song is full of emotion & I love da baby more for this one than any song he’s done !

  47. Yhazmine Caldwell
    Yhazmine Caldwell
    일 전

    When he said he was out tryna tell the people go vote & said f kk the president long live G ! Nahh fr ‘ I know he hate that.

  48. James Blessings
    James Blessings
    일 전


  49. 123JAHMEL
    일 전

    Hit different when you actually lost yo blood brother 😪

  50. TRELLY 502
    TRELLY 502
    일 전

    brah i really felt that pain

  51. BurdensFan Jen
    BurdensFan Jen
    일 전

  52. Sam Rodriguez
    Sam Rodriguez
    일 전

    This dude so fake it’s crazy how these 12 year old fans eat up all his bs lies 😂 some of us can see through all that shit this dude don’t miss his brother he gave em up but yeah he’s hard tho he spits flames and his the biggest baddest rapper that ever lived smh 😂 faker then a Gucci bag from the corner store in the hood lmao

  53. sam
    일 전

    much respect for him

  54. Thecoolgamer 1244
    Thecoolgamer 1244
    일 전


  55. Ethan Dick
    Ethan Dick
    일 전

    Live long g

  56. Jay Rose
    Jay Rose
    일 전

    Sad this was the song Dababy switched his flow on. Long Live Glenn

  57. Tyrone Carter
    Tyrone Carter
    일 전

    i wish i can say i felt yo pain just like your a legend Glenn is a legend to and legends dont die untill u forget them. rip glenn

  58. Necter Callecter
    Necter Callecter
    일 전

    0:09 What happened to his arm?

    1. Zuko!
      일 전

      Said that to

  59. 15kclxudys
    일 전

    this song really showed his true colors

  60. solo solo siervo de cristo
    solo solo siervo de cristo
    일 전

    For Jesus Christ came into the World 🌎 to save sinners. Escape that eternal hell 🔥called hell. We must repent and beleive in the Lord Jesus Christ. Only in him is life. Repent and beleive you the Gospel of Jesus Christ. God became flesh and lived among us to save us from eternal hell! 🙏🏼💕

  61. JJ controllerplayeryt savage
    JJ controllerplayeryt savage
    일 전

    Remember Nle choppas song with chief keef in it it was nle choppa said Da baby singing before the beat come on Man of respect R.i.p

  62. Josh Ealy
    Josh Ealy
    일 전

    I love you dababy

  63. sokin jon
    sokin jon
    일 전

    This song hits different

  64. W.A.K
    일 전

    first mom ,then dad ,then brother da baby really got it rough💯💪🏿💜🐐

  65. Patch2kPls
    일 전

    Rip to his bro🕊️ Rip to my Mom🕊️🕊️🥺

  66. Mason Parker
    Mason Parker
    일 전

    ay i feel bad bro like dang i had a brother that died too but it was because he was born late

  67. sheamus mcbride
    sheamus mcbride
    일 전

    when you cry

    1. sokin jon
      sokin jon
      일 전

      He free🐐😪

  68. sheamus mcbride
    sheamus mcbride
    일 전

    rip we will alwasy be there fro you

  69. TNB Vonte
    TNB Vonte
    일 전


  70. Money WhiteMM ProdMoneyMenEnt
    Money WhiteMM ProdMoneyMenEnt
    일 전

    Wish my family was here with me

  71. The Hater
    The Hater
    일 전

    R.I.P Glenn we love you we will never forget you 🖤🥀

  72. Noscope_CLipz
    일 전


  73. Noscope_CLipz
    일 전


  74. Natalie Jackson
    Natalie Jackson
    일 전

    RIP G 🙏🏾 God Bless you DaBaby

  75. Daniel Fishman
    Daniel Fishman
    일 전

    Best Dababy song

    2 일 전

    Who saw the vid

  77. Jinx GamingXD
    Jinx GamingXD
    2 일 전

    Damn bruh this shi made me tear up no cap

  78. Dizzy Aaron
    Dizzy Aaron
    2 일 전

    My Best friend passed away last night, we was like brothers man. I just been praying for his soul and his family. I wana hang with the man again 😔 thanks Baby this song make me think about my dude.

  79. Buddy you good
    Buddy you good
    2 일 전


  80. Cj Edwards
    Cj Edwards
    2 일 전

    hes been to hell and back and this is the anthem.

  81. Integrity Skateboarding
    Integrity Skateboarding
    2 일 전

    He free🐐😪

  82. Uncommon Drippy
    Uncommon Drippy
    2 일 전

    in all honesty whoever disliked this video is f up

  83. Cellia Joseph
    Cellia Joseph
    2 일 전

    Rip 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  84. droman80
    2 일 전

    Damn this one hurt,lost my brother too,shit just don’t seem real sometimes,tears find they way all the time man

  85. Patricia Bagley
    Patricia Bagley
    2 일 전


  86. Nicky Nice
    Nicky Nice
    2 일 전


  87. Tamika Lewis
    Tamika Lewis
    2 일 전

    Feel that pain 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾😩Prayers Up Rest In Peace 🥺🥺MAN FUK THE PRESIDENT LLG 🕊 🕊

  88. Centoria Lee
    Centoria Lee
    2 일 전

    I love u Dababy may ur brother rest in peace

  89. Germaine WillFixIT
    Germaine WillFixIT
    2 일 전

    This shit go hard af. Sorry you couldn't grieve in peace king. Thanks for all your hard work getting trump out of there✊🏾💪🏽🔥

  90. Chris George
    Chris George
    2 일 전

    Rip to his bro. And shout out to him for being so good at putting his feelings into a song and making it sound amazing

  91. Kellznjuan Officials
    Kellznjuan Officials
    2 일 전

    Listening to this reminds me of my big brother who committed Suicide(shot hisself)

  92. CKriss CKross
    CKriss CKross
    2 일 전


  93. Joshua Jerell
    Joshua Jerell
    2 일 전

    Blood sweat and years in that song... RIP G

    1. wnnalis cioov
      wnnalis cioov
      2 일 전

      KOpulse Jay Skreetz it’s Nothing

  94. Cole World
    Cole World
    2 일 전

    Wow didn’t know Da baby’s killed himself. Sucks man.

  95. Quita Elliott
    Quita Elliott
    2 일 전

    I love you and sorry for your lost 😞👊🏻👊🏼👊🏽👊🏾👊🏿 come vote 🗳

  96. MC Viery
    MC Viery
    2 일 전

    A N I M O - R A Z A Tú que viste este comentario animo estoy seguro que vas a ser muy exitoso en todo lo que hagas 🙏🔥

  97. Kimmie Reese
    Kimmie Reese
    2 일 전

    To be absent from the body is to be present with the lord. It gets easier smile and always think of the good times. God bless you and your family

  98. Keezii Wortham
    Keezii Wortham
    2 일 전

    I FELT THIS, MY WORDDDDD !!!!!!! 😥🥺💯🤞🏾 #LLG

  99. damion palma
    damion palma
    2 일 전

    Da baby is my fav rapper r.i.p to his brother

  100. lagarrin smith
    lagarrin smith
    2 일 전

    I miss my big brother Thank you for serving this country