Apex Legends | Stories from the Outlands - “The Endorsement”

Apex Legends
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While running her own modding shop, Ramya Parekh (aka Rampart) built her rep in underground gauntlet circuits. But success has a way of making enemies. Good thing she knows how to use all those fancy weapons she’s upgraded…

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  1. Razer FixXx
    Razer FixXx
    40 분 전

    Wow god deamm

  2. JoobyFoo
    40 분 전

    If this goes Fortnite, I'm gone.

  3. Railien
    40 분 전

    God, her abilities look terrible. Why have guns in the map if she has a gun in her ultimate. Wheres the scrap traps that were teased last year, those sound much cooler then whats shown here.

  4. lifeline.
    40 분 전

    Pause at 0:57. That white haired guy on the far right tho👀

  5. lifeline.
    40 분 전

    Pause at 0:57. That white haired guy on the far right tho👀

  6. Julia Red
    Julia Red
    41 분 전

    I love how Blisk casually gives Apex Predator/Legend cards to people who are in danger and survived.

  7. Bryan Shaw
    Bryan Shaw
    41 분 전

    so freeking hyped

  8. Julia Red
    Julia Red
    41 분 전

    So basically blisk just comes out of nowhere and just says “You still kickin? Bet. Welcome to the apex games”

  9. Lego Fire 2000 #blm
    Lego Fire 2000 #blm
    42 분 전


  10. Jamaican narc's
    Jamaican narc's
    42 분 전

    Here's the lyric video kopulse.info/video/mqhspmmhp3rFtco.html

  11. YaboiXray
    42 분 전

    I’m sorry but I lost it when I saw the thumbnail🤣

  12. Melvin Yates
    Melvin Yates
    42 분 전

    Rampart's life falls apart Blisk:I see this as an absolute win

  13. Ayos Video House
    Ayos Video House
    43 분 전

    Nice video, I need your help on my KOpulse channel the name of my KOpulse channel is Ayos Video House

  14. 未元物質
    43 분 전


  15. Knight Dark
    Knight Dark
    43 분 전

    all of these characters must be a legends one day..

  16. xBuG Bossing_XP
    xBuG Bossing_XP
    43 분 전

    One of the worst trailers so far

  17. Max
    44 분 전

    Symmetra voice actor

  18. Thekinglito Gaming
    Thekinglito Gaming
    44 분 전

    This doop

  19. PhantomRisk 24
    PhantomRisk 24
    45 분 전

    Is it me or this game is really starting to grow on me. I feel that when it comes to innovation this game gots it. Not one fight I get in feels the same. My favorite part of this game though is these legends. I hope this game stays strong for years, because I know I will still be playing it.

  20. GaMeR_ToWn_120
    45 분 전

    Thats in Olympus, doesnt that mean that we are actually going to the new map in the beginning of the season

    1. Crunchy Circles
      Crunchy Circles
      42 분 전


  21. CrimsonDragon
    45 분 전

    Honestly out off all the character reveals. Didn't get excited for this at all. I hope it's just me

  22. Mr. Dillard
    Mr. Dillard
    45 분 전

    they had to make a super sexy girl first (loba) and then add the ugly girl

  23. Hash x2000
    Hash x2000
    46 분 전

    1:31 iS tHaT CrYpTo'S sIsTeR???

  24. Reyhan Amando
    Reyhan Amando
    47 분 전

    Blisk Tf2=👹 Apex=😀

  25. 1k subs before 2021 ?
    1k subs before 2021 ?
    47 분 전

    I know 99% of you aren’t going to see this but I hope you have a good day and come closer to accomplishing your goals.

  26. gucci_god1209 gutierrez
    gucci_god1209 gutierrez
    49 분 전

    Yo so hyped

  27. Reaulix _
    Reaulix _
    49 분 전

    alright what i want from season 6 buff crypto buff pathfinder nerf revenant nerf gibraltar nerf mastiff remove selectfire and let the prowler and havoc automatically have it or just remove hop ups completely and have them attached to the gun

  28. Lord Turtle
    Lord Turtle
    49 분 전

    So A-Wall returns and blisk in now involved in the apex games

  29. GamingWithAvery
    50 분 전

    Wait the guy with white hair is the guy in the trailer for apex that said if u kill them your better if they kill u there better dude and there was a voice message thing and it said it was grimes so maybe the guy is grimes?

    1. Trent
      42 분 전

      No that is Blisk

  30. v.ista
    52 분 전

    Whyd they pull up like that 😂

  31. Simon Yaqoob
    Simon Yaqoob
    52 분 전

    Blisk gave that card to Pilot Cooper as well. That means he will come to the games as well?

    52 분 전

    “Terrible anime gone wrong”

  33. Neon Eclipse
    Neon Eclipse
    52 분 전

    Did they just copy the final scene from Titanfall 2 with Blisk and Cooper?!

  34. a0t3a
    52 분 전

    is it just me or am I catching some 👭👭 vibes form bang and rampart or what💅💅💫💞😻💖

  35. Jojo
    54 분 전

    That's not blisk

    1. Trent
      41 분 전


    2. Crunchy Circles
      Crunchy Circles
      42 분 전


  36. Random Guy
    Random Guy
    54 분 전

    1:47 Rampart really got hit by that cross up. Smh, just block high.

  37. DabbingIsfun
    54 분 전

    All we need is her to be green and have shrek ears

  38. PULI3r
    55 분 전

    Blisk, the neutral anti-hero antagonist Soon he'll become a good guy

  39. LongLive TheKings
    LongLive TheKings
    56 분 전

    This game sucks everyone is lag switching.

  40. Bobby Green
    Bobby Green
    56 분 전

    She really sounds like that one girl from tik tok

  41. Screamskull25
    57 분 전

    Symmetra's voice actor sounds SOOOO GOOD IN APEX

  42. King Bumi
    King Bumi
    57 분 전

    I get the feeling blisk is like a ghost in a sense

  43. Muhamad Rama Gustiawan
    Muhamad Rama Gustiawan
    57 분 전

    Why dont just use the shield and the machine gun erlier smarty

  44. lil anarchy
    lil anarchy
    58 분 전

    Wow Apex you are doing great with these Stories From The Outlands! I love your game and I can’t wait for Season 6 (also who is that gang or something that showed up to Ramparts store? If anyone knows plz tell me)

  45. Its DexterPlays
    Its DexterPlays
    58 분 전

    Oh sht now this is what i call a dtory

  46. connor O'Byrne
    connor O'Byrne
    59 분 전

    Kuben "I kill you, I'm better" blisk

  47. 枕詞
    59 분 전


  48. Inapproachable
    시간 전

    0:56 lmao is that smokepurpp at the left

  49. jason ignacio Hernandez
    jason ignacio Hernandez
    시간 전

    So cool so hyped

  50. Reynolds Austin
    Reynolds Austin
    시간 전

    When two smart kids have the same answer: 0:31

  51. ふうまちゃんちゃんねる
    시간 전


  52. DX.D KID YO
    시간 전

    Oh my god my boy Blisk

  53. Madrid Fan2018
    Madrid Fan2018
    시간 전

    A new forge would have been better

  54. James Corder Jr
    James Corder Jr
    시간 전

    Did she just get recruited by Kano?

  55. SheOnXanny
    시간 전

    this why you gotta thirst yo kills.

  56. ThePumpkin45
    시간 전

    Ok Symmetra

  57. BlackIce 9779
    BlackIce 9779
    시간 전

    Just like this I LOVE seeing the legends interact with eachother!

  58. Iciee
    시간 전

    Never knew bang was indian

  59. YFN Hunt
    YFN Hunt
    시간 전

    i read it wrong, I thought it said "entanglement"

  60. Erin Jennings
    Erin Jennings
    시간 전

    Blisk comes in like: "Oh hey! I was just about to go to bed. I know we couldn't Skype tonight but... that's alright! Goodnight girl, I'll see you tomorrow! tomorrow!"