[ 8K ] GOT7 "Breath (넌 날 숨 쉬게 해)" Dance Practice

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[ 8K ] GOT7 "Breath (넌 날 숨 쉬게 해)" Dance Practice
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  1. Pimentel Fio05
    Pimentel Fio05
    시간 전

    una coreografía increíble

  2. Crismely Hidalgo
    Crismely Hidalgo
    2 시간 전

    Please colse up pls

  3. Ceydanur Yılmaz
    Ceydanur Yılmaz
    7 시간 전

    #GOT7FOREVER 🐥💚💚💚💚

  4. Kamilla H
    Kamilla H
    일 전

    The amounts of times I’ve watched this video is shocking

  5. NA na
    NA na
    일 전

    GOT7 here are doing ripple effect in the choreo is legendary

  6. camila
    일 전


  7. AhgaDay76
    일 전

    More i see GOT7 old video, the more im being hate on jy/pe 🥺

  8. Flumpool
    일 전

    Gucci’s man

  9. Chanella Himaya
    Chanella Himaya
    2 일 전

    Their outfits shows different kind of boyfriends 🥲👁👄👁🦭

  10. Chanella Himaya
    Chanella Himaya
    2 일 전

    This was the most beautiful yet also most chaotic group I’ve ever stanned my whole life. 😌

    2 일 전

    Me after attempting to do one step from this choreography : Well i think that is enough for this life

  12. Chilling 20
    Chilling 20
    2 일 전

    I ady voted for my fav GOT 7. Their song at 6th rn. Power of yours as a fan pls help to boost up to Top 1. The one who consistent to vote will get IPAD & G-SHOCK after the event ends (22 Jan)! Good things nvr wait so be quick!!🤩 www.joox.com/h5/music_hit?page=music_hit&activity=5fff1907a372960043e62a34&rank=5fff1907a372960043e62a33&rank_type=1&area=my&lang=en&sharefromwmid=54323568&id=5fff1907a372960043e62a345d68a #jooxmy #jooxmusic #votes

  13. Annabelle Wenas
    Annabelle Wenas
    2 일 전

    this choreo is so satisfying it heals my soul

  14. A.J. W
    A.J. W
    2 일 전

    That little milky rock at the end was kinda sick, I never noticed that before 🔥🔥

  15. Turkısh Ahgase
    Turkısh Ahgase
    3 일 전

    We love you Got7. Please don't forget Ahgases...

  16. GOT7 IDEAS
    3 일 전

    I need to see this after reading their handwritten letter

  17. ปรียาพร บุญสมศรี
    ปรียาพร บุญสมศรี
    3 일 전

    I miss you got 7💚

  18. compilation Diys
    compilation Diys
    3 일 전

    1:13 so freaking smooth !!!

  19. ahgase08 NOS
    ahgase08 NOS
    3 일 전

    Your The BEST

  20. Maya SS
    Maya SS
    4 일 전

    prefer this to last piece sorry JB

  21. Fernanda Ibarra
    Fernanda Ibarra
    4 일 전

    Los amooo

  22. Armangul Zhakanova
    Armangul Zhakanova
    4 일 전

    love you guys!

  23. Gillian
    4 일 전


  24. Ongie Vanbrussel
    Ongie Vanbrussel
    4 일 전

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  25. Farah Hassan
    Farah Hassan
    4 일 전

    1:11 that was so cool

  26. وسام فياض
    وسام فياض
    4 일 전

    😭😭😭💔😭💔😭💔😭💔😭😭💔 l miss you got7

  27. Aurora Borealis
    Aurora Borealis
    4 일 전

    They look like they have dance practice at 8am but also have individual activities at 9am LMAO

  28. yoo
    5 일 전

    I am really happy Youngjae's only one typed is appreciated by so many fans. Wish Got7 all members make another successful in their new journey.

  29. luu coronel
    luu coronel
    5 일 전


  30. datebayo uzumaki
    datebayo uzumaki
    5 일 전

    youngjae really shine in this era. our boi did not come to play. YOUNGJAE BIAS WRECKER

  31. we'll be right back !
    we'll be right back !
    5 일 전

    Too bad they don’t have any funny edition to follow this dance

  32. Blink Aliyah
    Blink Aliyah
    6 일 전

    Love this song so much

  33. Islam Saidul
    Islam Saidul
    6 일 전

    Got7 is the best 💖

  34. Tanner Tigers
    Tanner Tigers
    6 일 전

    I still come here even if they out from the stage they are dancing

  35. Nite Bug
    Nite Bug
    6 일 전

    Ahgases let's all vote on Seoul Music Award, Main category, GOT7 rank 11th we can make them on top rank if we all vote...please! let's vote them in that category than the other categories (tho they all deserve to win all those hihi) let's show them strong support and love please, if we vote on that particular category we will able to give them that win that they deserve. let's go!

    6 일 전

    Bam bam se ve super guapo de rojo no se por que ??

  37. JB Def
    JB Def
    7 일 전

    Breath dance

  38. Danni B.
    Danni B.
    7 일 전

    1:10 SCREAMED

  39. GirlsLIKEme
    7 일 전

    The dance are so cuteeeee

  40. Daphne Strati
    Daphne Strati
    7 일 전


  41. LCPL Mamta Singh 3DGBN 3rd year
    LCPL Mamta Singh 3DGBN 3rd year
    7 일 전


  42. makim Mohammad
    makim Mohammad
    7 일 전

    I miss got7

  43. MiaSekarwati 9
    MiaSekarwati 9
    7 일 전


  44. Shilpa Sarkar
    Shilpa Sarkar
    7 일 전

    #Got7forever I miss you 💚🥺 guys

  45. Agape Imperial Guron
    Agape Imperial Guron
    7 일 전


  46. ;put
    7 일 전

    im gonna miss these dance practice in jype trainee room

  47. Aditi Evans
    Aditi Evans
    7 일 전

    The choreography looks so cool and the outfits their cuteness is just the icing

  48. nurulhuda rosli binti abdullah
    nurulhuda rosli binti abdullah
    7 일 전

    are we j gonna ignore the fact that bambam is wearing the same outfit as jaehyun in make a wish 😭🤞🏻

  49. Elizabeth Valenzuela
    Elizabeth Valenzuela
    7 일 전

    Son lo máximo

  50. Elizabeth Valenzuela
    Elizabeth Valenzuela
    7 일 전

    Los amo

  51. postmix
    7 일 전

    Umursamaz ıslıkların sebebini anlamış bulunduk hdsjjdn

  52. Michelle Rojas Sanchez
    Michelle Rojas Sanchez
    8 일 전

    For ever igot7!

  53. Jasmine Sarah
    Jasmine Sarah
    8 일 전

    Jb dancing so passionately, they make it look so easy.

  54. Louise Lactaoen
    Louise Lactaoen
    8 일 전

    love the dance choreography ❤️

  55. felicia kelvianti
    felicia kelvianti
    8 일 전

    7 for 7 7 or nothing 7 or never 7 forever #GOT7FOREVER #IGOT7FOREVER #AHGASEFOREVER

  56. Lien Amelia
    Lien Amelia
    8 일 전

    the choreo is so bubbly i love it sm 😭 and although their outfit doesn't match each other, it really brings out their whole styles..

  57. Kaouther Zeghdani
    Kaouther Zeghdani
    8 일 전

    YJ always can give the vibe that the cheography is so easy

  58. Kayzel Isabelle
    Kayzel Isabelle
    8 일 전

    I like how Got7's vibe here is so chill like how they're all leaving jype😌 i said what i said kbye

  59. TwinkleWinks2
    8 일 전

    The dance is so fun. Makes me happy just by watching

  60. Saba Altaf
    Saba Altaf
    8 일 전

    U don’t understand if it’s cold or warm or hot in there room?

  61. Lisandrea Lawrence
    Lisandrea Lawrence
    8 일 전

    Do 97 line share clothes or something? I swear I've seen Jaehyun in that same fit as Bambam

  62. Stan aespa
    Stan aespa
    8 일 전

    Best choreo

  63. Karin Latteco
    Karin Latteco
    9 일 전

    Sinkroninasi yang sempurna

  64. 미리.
    9 일 전

    the besttt choreo

  65. Melannie Alexandra Iribarren Olivares
    Melannie Alexandra Iribarren Olivares
    9 일 전

    Los voy a extrañar

  66. Bamie Two
    Bamie Two
    9 일 전

    Esse comeback tinha tudo pra ser o melhor porém a empresa não deu promoções pra eles

  67. luna 4006
    luna 4006
    9 일 전


  68. Margaret
    9 일 전


  69. BB 3
    BB 3
    9 일 전

    Hey birds, cancel the JYP channel subscription

  70. BB 3
    BB 3
    9 일 전

    Hey birds, cancel the JYP channel subscription

  71. Tasnia Hossain
    Tasnia Hossain
    9 일 전

    Ok, is it summer or winter ?

  72. Noel Orence Conde
    Noel Orence Conde
    9 일 전

    Yo is bambam wearing the same top Jaehyun (NCT) was wearing in "Make a wish" era? Or is it just me?

  73. S E U N G G A L A X Y
    S E U N G G A L A X Y
    9 일 전


  74. CNala
    10 일 전

    How is it possible for a group to have SO many Bias wreckers?

  75. aram
    10 일 전

    lmao did that k-pop idol just blow on his hair for extra effects.

  76. devina aprilia
    devina aprilia
    10 일 전

    sbenarnya mereka memutuskan utk jalan masing2 dan nga memperbarui kontrak JYP lagi , GDA 2021 jadi aktivitas grup terakhir mereka 😓 setau gue si bgtu yg ngerasa mereka bubar bkn gue doang istilahnya psti byk 🤧🤧🤧 gue uda 5 taun suka sm got7 , ngerasa kehilangan aja bknnya lebay 😌😌😆 yg terbaik si buat mereka jalanin karir nya masing2., 🙏🙏 dn gue lg syg2nya sm mas iyo ditinggal gt aja :v

  77. jezel binongo
    jezel binongo
    10 일 전

    Im here because i miss my boyssss 💞

  78. Saba Altaf
    Saba Altaf
    10 일 전

    0:20 I can watch this all day

  79. sebin 11
    sebin 11
    10 일 전


  80. Pimlaphat Julaket
    Pimlaphat Julaket
    10 일 전

  81. Kim Manahan
    Kim Manahan
    10 일 전


  82. Kim Manahan
    Kim Manahan
    10 일 전


  83. Ria Soriano
    Ria Soriano
    10 일 전

    I love this choreo

  84. Cherry Blossom
    Cherry Blossom
    11 일 전

    I love u guys..thankyouu 😭💚💚

  85. Cherry Blossom
    Cherry Blossom
    11 일 전

    7 or never 7 or nothing #GOT7FOREVER

  86. Ana Carolina Silva
    Ana Carolina Silva
    11 일 전


  87. Julia P
    Julia P
    11 일 전

    Bambam said: "Make a wish!"

  88. Sarthika Agarwal
    Sarthika Agarwal
    11 일 전

    This is literally showing their legittt choreography! On award shows their bg is always so vivid it is not that clear but at least here you can see their moves clearly. They are literally doing the "cracking" dance

  89. Favour Shaba
    Favour Shaba
    11 일 전

    I know it's late and the timing is horrible but I wanna be an ahgase . From what I've seen these boys are iconic and the fan base is peaceful and beautiful. I'm glad they left JYPE . They deserved better

  90. Favour Shaba
    Favour Shaba
    11 일 전

    Little did we know that 1 month later ....😭😭😭

  91. Débora Flôr
    Débora Flôr
    11 일 전


    11 일 전

    #GOT7FOREVER We will not forget GOT7

  93. estloves
    11 일 전


  94. jebi class
    jebi class
    11 일 전

    So, this is their last dance practice in this iconic room. Bye.

  95. Jan Marie Pura
    Jan Marie Pura
    11 일 전

    So were not getting a part switch of Breath and Last Piece? 🥺 I've been waiting though 🥺

  96. Anthoni Garcia Loreto
    Anthoni Garcia Loreto
    11 일 전

    Por qué se van a separar por qué :(

  97. Ruben Cagas
    Ruben Cagas
    11 일 전

    Jackson uy😍💓

  98. Park Tiny !¡
    Park Tiny !¡
    11 일 전

    damn shit because it has to separate I love them we ahgases we love them they make me feel lifeless I love them #GOT7FOREVER

  99. clerckship dm
    clerckship dm
    11 일 전


    11 일 전

    #GOT7FOREVER thank you for everything! 💚💚🐣